Saturday, September 4, 2010

Your Own Private Mayan Ceremony

Your own private mayan ceremony with 

Mayan Shaman - Yax Kin

Wedding Commitment Ceremony

Baptism and Naming Ceremony

Spiritual Cleansing and Healing

Attract good luck, love, success

a different world
away from the noise and stress of modern life....
a mayan ceremony filling you with 
positive energy.

The ceremonies are held at Sac Nicte,
 a beautiful tropical location in the 
mayan village of Chunkanán, 
near Cuzamá, Yucatan.
At Sac Nicte, we offer authentic mayan rituals
in the mayan language.

After the ceremony, we can provide a traditional
Yucatecan meal; you might want to stay for the
rest of the day, relaxing in the beautiful tropical
gardens, swimming in the large pool filled with
sparkling well water, and even overnight,
sleeping in hammocks in typical mayan 
palapa cabañas.

You might also want to visit the
well known three cenotes of Cuzamá.
Tours begin a few minutes walk away
in the village of Chunkanán.